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Learning Through Play

Children's Toys

More and more children are spending time each day in some type of child care setting. All children—especially infants and toddlers—need a child care setting where they can thrive with caregivers who understand how to promote their healthy growth and development. That's because young children need a schedule that is responsive to their needs, with appropriate stimulation and time to rest. They need to be talked to and played with. They need love and attention. And they need the opportunity to form the kind of comfortable, secure relationship with a caregiver that will nurture their healthy emotional development.

During the Infant and Toddler years, your child has been busy gathering every tool and honing every instinct they will require for the expedition which lies before them as they enter their Twos. What a journey it will be! There will be hills to glide over, valleys to traverse, and mountains of development to climb on the way to reach the pinnacle of early childhood development that is represented by the pre-school experience.

Interior of Kids Room

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