Two Little Blackbirds

May 9, 2016

Game: Two Little Blackbirds ( Game to play with your toddler )

How the game is played: With singing and hand motions, the adult leads the children in a song.



Two little blackbirds sitting on the hill
(Start with your hands behind your back.)

  • One named Jack
    (Bring one hand to the front with your pointer finger extended.)

  • One named Jill
    (Bring your other hand to the front with pointer finger extended.)

  • Fly away, Jack!
    (Put the hand and finger representing Jack behind your back.)

  • Fly away, Jill!
    (Do the same with your "Jill" hand.)

  • Come back, Jack!
    (Bring "Jack" back to front.)

  • Come back, Jill!
    (Bring "Jill" back to front.)

You can make up additional verses, such as the ones below.

  • Two little blackbirds sitting in the snow. One named Fast. One named Slow.

  • Two little blackbirds sitting on a cloud. One named Soft. One named Loud.

  • Two little blackbirds soaring in the sky. One named Low. One named High.

Tips for adults: Act out the words you're singing to emphasize the opposite pairs. If you're using the "fast/slow" variation, move your finger quickly or slowly.
What the game teaches: Opposites and imitation.



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