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Welcome to Creative Beginnings of Lenoir
How do you know that Creative Beginnings Of Lenoir is the best Pre school you can find in Lenoir? Note that the best child care is one that has plenty of space, a well-qualified and experienced staff, is equipped with many toys and educational equipment, and has organized indoor and outdoor activities. It should also follow strict practices of cleanliness and hygiene to reduce the risk of infections. Our focus on education and quality makes us a unique preschool in the area. Call us for a tour at to find out how we are going to take care of your child.

A quick glance at Creative Beginnings

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It is an approach to teaching young children by being creative, using spontaneity, and the ability to see and use everyday opportunities to help children solve problems,explore new materials, and find answers to questions. The teachers will begin using this approach in the infant rooms and continue throughout the center, using the children’s interests as a guide for their lesson planning and everyday activities.

The Creative Curriculum focuses on interest areas.These interest areas, or "learning centers" are designed to support children's development.
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Our preschool teachers are trained in the Letterland Curriculum which introduces one letter to the children per week. Various activities, poems, songs, etc. accompany this curriculum which reinforce what the children are learning throughout the day! This is a fun, child-centered approach to learning letters and sounds that help prepare your child for kindergarten!
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Ms. Cheryl

Entered Child Care: 2005
Employed Date: 2004
Classroom: Twos
Education: Associate Degree
Hobbies in the Classroom: Loves to do artwork with the children and spend time outdoors
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"I highly recommend CBL. The playgrounds are age-appropriate for each age group and very clean. My children have a very structured daily schedule and that is what they need. I have been amazed at everything my children have learned in 4 short months there. We love Creative Beginnings of Lenior and so will you! I could go on and on. . ." --Michelle Hoover, parent of 1 & 4-year-old